Fabric and textile hangings

The Fabric of Dreams

Soltis is a source of creativity with a proven ability to change, emphasise and enhance the appearance of buildings. Baier offers a shading option with entirely new aspects. The material is lightweight, durable and can be used over large areas.

Modern thermal management in buildings.

This material is particularly interesting for buildings in the service sector, cultural facilities, industrial and commercial buildings, sports facilities, and private residential construction. Everywhere, where darkening is not desired, but sun and weather protection are the focus.
Baier sliding shutters and folding sliding shutters covered with Soltis (FT381) offer characteristics that meet these requirements and add character to modern buildings and set completely new design accents. All colours of the Soltis product range are matched to each other, allowing the façade, sun protection and sunblinds to be designed harmoniously.

Benefits are:

  • Size restrictions are not given due to the low weight. This means that the design possibilities are much greater than with other materials.
  • Absolute surface stability (no deformation – no re-tensioning).
  • Dirt-repellent surface treatment
  • The fabric is robust and durable
  • Optimal heat and sun protection/ wind protection
  • (Polyester yarn with UV protection)
  • Excellent view outside (visual comfort)
  • No darkening effect in the rooms
  • Printing possible (digital or screen printing)
  • Depending on the shade, up to 81% of solar energy is absorbed
  • Regulation of light: light transmission with reduced glare