Slatted Hangings

Hangings made out of lamellas

To give you a small insight into the possible combinations with sliding shutters, you will find a selected range of different lamella profiles which are used as sliding shutters in sun protection.

There is a large selection of aluminium frame profiles with which the lamellas can be used. For larger objects, it is certainly possible to use an individually designed lamella.

Jalousie lamellas – the classics

The standard Venetian blind slat has consistently proven its worth in traditional shutter construction. At different distances and inclinations, they can achieve the desired sun protection effect.

Ellipsoidal lamellas – the modern 

For fixed lamella walls, the elliptical lamella or “fish lamella” has been an essential component for a long time – especially when flowing transitions are required.

Special forms – the individual

Every imaginable lamella shape is possible. Inspired by various other applications such as ventilation grilles, fixed lamella walls, roller shutter construction and many more, a considerable range of special lamellas has developed. Interesting lamella shapes are also available with wood material.