True multi-talents with powerful appearance

Façade constructions are always a complete system and combine energy efficiency, comfort and economy with personal preferences and design requirements. Various things should be taken into account in the design, e.g. function, comfort, service life, thermal and sound insulation, care and maintenance conditions, etc.  High-quality Baier metal façades combine the demand for a stylish appearance and fulfil the desired safety requirements in terms of burglary and sound protection.

Façades – Design

The façade is the first appearance of a building. The outer surface of the building makes a significant contribution to the overall impression. Every architectural concept tries to use the façade as a design element. Standard components such as windows, doors, mullion and transom elements can bring a façade to life. Decorative items made of aluminium, expanded metal, metal or fabric mesh, expressive lighting, company logos and much more create a variety of design options.

Take a benefit with over 40 years of experience. Planned precisely, we realise innovative and unique façade constructions with modern technology, expertise and traditional craftsmanship. Flexible and creative: we realise many floor plan shapes with the classic mullion-transom façade system – elegant and individual in height and span. The high level of prefabrication in our weather-independent factory enables extremely efficient processing with a high-quality standard. We produce quickly and cost-effectively – “just-in-time”.

Series C 50 HI

The C50 HI profile series creates sustainable façade concepts with outstanding energy efficiency. In combination with triple insulating glass, the status Passive is achieved.

  • Thermally insulated façade system with a face width of 50 mm
  • Mullion profile depth: 28 – 260 mm and transom profile depth: 6 – 215 mm
  • Glass/filler thicknesses: 28 – 68 mm
  • Max. Glass/filler weight: 800 kg
  • Thermal insulation: Uf >= 0.78 W/m²K

Neutral design

Mullions and transoms are constructed as rectangular tube formats. Glazing from the outside with aluminium pressure profiles and non-rusting screws. All system glazing seals are made of EPDM material. The chambers of the insulators are filled with foam.

Processing: simple and quick

Ready-insulated profile system for secure connections and high stability. Specific tools for profile machining are available. Factory-made profile composite for increased strength and small tolerances. Insulating bars made of polyamide with glass fibre reinforcement, also suitable for subsequent coating. Safe removal of glass loads.

High tightness

Classification in demand group C, for use up to 100 m installation height. Areas of application: Vertical, even angled façade walls, roof surfaces.