Sliding doors for indoor use

Modern sliding doors for the interior

Interior sliding doors are the convenient alternative to the ordinary revolving door, because they actually save space. Whether made of glass, wood, metal or other fillings: Sliding doors are perfect for all types of rooms.

Private or commercial, as a room divider or door closure in both exclusive living spaces and offices – sliding doors connect and separate interiors in a space-saving and efficient way.


Easy to push aside

Sliding doors are perfect room dividers and a valuable and different alternative to the “normal” room door in terms of interior design. They can be parked in the wall and discreetly hidden or pushed to the side. The rail system is attached to the wall or ceiling.


Eye-catcher or unremarkable functional element

About practical aspects, sliding doors benefit from the small amount of space they take up indoors and the resulting gain in floor space. In terms of accessibility, sliding doors also have advantages for people with restricted mobility. Visually, the room connector scores either as an eye-catcher or as a decent and unremarkable connecting element. Particularly in modern homes and offices, interior sliding doors support unique room concepts and extraordinary design effects.


No more noisy door slamming

Long-term proven fittings ensure smooth running and ease of use. They consist of an upper track, a trolley running with an end stopper and the lower guidance.

Useful accessories complement the range of fittings. Particularly interesting: the so-called soft stop. It is a retraction damping system that prevents the door from hitting the floor in an uncontrolled manner. In the end, the door is gently slowed down and carefully pulled into the end position. No complicated technology is required: the accessories are integrated directly into the runner. A wide range of fillings, especially satinised glass, have conquered the market. Particularly for sliding glass doors, glass holders are available which do not require any complicated processing of the glass pane.