Sliding doors for outdoor use

Tightly sealed and thermally insulated for outdoor use

Sliding systems represent space-saving and modern door technology. Since the door leaf does not turn into the room like a swing door but is parked in front or behind the fixed part, the maximum opening is possible with minimum space requirements.

Large glass surfaces and narrow face widths and depths make it possible to design bright living spaces and use them practically with the sliding function.


Schiebetür außen S77 SL

Functional, secure and comfortable

Attractive appearance and function

Thermally insulated lift-slide and sliding door systems. Sash profiles for fittings with up to 400 kg load capacity. Frame profiles for 1 to 3 track systems. Systems with up to 6 leaves, all movable if required.

Performance characteristics

Depending on the installation situation and selected profile series: driving rain tightness up to class 9a, wind resistance up to B3, burglar resistance up to RC2. Completely according to your needs.


Sash profiles with the patented, anti-warping insulating web. Simple and fast processing. Comfortable systems with the best sliding and gliding characteristics.

Quality is important to us – for the production of our high-quality sliding doors, we use aluminium profiles from Heroal.

Lift and slide doors

Lowering the movable leaves in the rest position makes the doors particularly tight and resistant to rain and wind when closed.

Sliding doors

Due to the lower construction depth, even slimmer views are possible than with lift-slide doors.

System S77 Hebeschiebetür

heroal S77

The profile series with the highest construction depth of the sash profile. This allows a maximum sash weight of up to 400 kg, sash heights of up to 3 m and highly insulating triple glazing. Due to the variable frame profiles, both 2- and 3-track versions and therefore up to 6 movable sashes are possible.

Heroal System S77 SL

heroal S77 SL

The “little brother” of the S77 series. The same basic depth and, therefore, the same loading capacity. However, the side panels are not designed as fixed sashes here but as frameless fixed glazing. Maximum transparency extends your living space beyond the actual boundaries and is an invisible link between the interior and exterior. Due to the unique frame profiles, only one track is possible, but 90-degree corner versions as an all-glass corner or openable casement corner are possible.

System S65 Schiebetür

heroal S65

This profile series is characterised by its simple and efficient production. Common use in the commercial sector or in weather-protected installation situations. Sash height up to 2.4m with particularly slim face widths of the sash profiles. Designs with floor-level threshold and individually coloured fitting possible.