Windows and doors

Aluminium - durable and easy to clean

Renovation or a new building. Starting with attractive entrance areas to front door infills and windows, we manufacture all your wishes using the high-quality material aluminium. Precisely this feature distinguishes our windows: Perfect finishing and a durable base material – an ideal combination.

Quality – from the beginning

Our company attaches great importance to maintaining the highest quality and we only use branded products. To produce our long-lasting windows, doors and façades, we rely on aluminium profiles from Heroal.  You can find detailed information about Heroal here:

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Product designation

We use different profile series for the production of windows and doors. Among others, profile series W/D 50 C  and W/D 72. The thermally insulated elements, mainly in the outdoor area, are made from series W/D 72. The non-insulated parts, primarily for interior use, are made from the WD 50 C series.


  • Product designation
  • Window (W)
    Door (D)


  • System measurement in mm
  • The construction depth of the particular system


  • Product description and additional information
  • e.g. C=cold, thus uninsulated

RAL of choice

Colour offers variety. That is why the colour spectrum of our window and door elements ranges from a wide selection of RAL and DB shades with different gloss finishes and structures to anodised shades with a metallic-reflective look and innovative surface finishes with effects such as wood, rust or concrete.

On request, the aluminium elements can also be designed in “bicolour”, i.e. two colours. Different shades can be selected for the inside and outside.

safety & comfort

Fire protection

For hundreds of years, the destructive power of fire has forced people to protect themselves. Tiled roofs and firewalls were once used to prevent the spread of fire on the one hand and material damage on the other. Architecture has changed, but the need for protection from fire and smoke has remained.

Today, visually open and elegant fire protection solutions are in demand. We manufacture fire protection windows, fire and smoke protection doors and smoke and heat extraction systems in compliance with the fire protection standard for every building project.

Our staff will give you competent advice on all safety issues – including emergency exits. Ask about our products for structural fire protection measures.

Burglary protection

According to the police’s Home Security Initiative, a burglary occurs every 4 minutes. Tools such as screwdrivers or chisels are used to break open windows and doors. The risk for burglars to be caught increases the more time it takes to break open the entrance.

According to the police’s Home Security Initiative, a burglary occurs every 4 minutes. Tools such as screwdrivers or chisels are used to break open windows and doors. The risk for burglars to be caught increases the more time it takes to break open the building elements.

In addition to electronic products that make life difficult for thieves, burglar-resistant aluminium windows and doors provide an effective contribution to burglary protection. Depending on the desired resistance class, we combine frames, fittings and glazing. We offer solutions in conformity with DIN EN 1627 that meet your needs for mechanical burglary protection.

Sound insulation

People living near a busy road, an airport or railway tracks should mitigate the disturbing outside noise with soundproof glazing. Especially if the noise level is permanently high, the constant background noise makes people nervous and aggressive.

Windows are the weakest spots in a house regarding noise. We manufacture and install your soundproof windows and doors according to your sound insulation requirements.

Sun protection

The sun enhances our mood and vitamin D levels, making us happy and balanced. But only in the correct measure. The limit has been reached if it blinds us while working at our desk or causes our living room to become extremely hot. ​The solution is individually adapted sun protection in form of solar control glass or mechanical shading with roller shutters, Venetian blinds, textile or zip screens. A combination of the three components is also possible. We will advise you on the selection of the right product. Depending on your requirements, we will select a suitable solution for your sun protection.

Insect protection

Whether as an installed insect screen in the roller shutters or directly on the window, the effect is the same: Uninvited guests such as mosquitoes or other flies stay outside. With individual choices of fabric type, colour and size, we will find the right solution for you. We are looking forward to advising you, manufacture and install your insect protection according to your needs.