Electric sliding doors

Efficient, modern and barrier-free

Entrance areas have always been the Centrepiece of a building. In addition to style and functionality, Baier is known for its modern automatic systems with the highest level of passive and active security. From automatic doors to access controls, our solutions offer the entire range of entrance logistics. In addition to a wide range of automatic sliding doors and sliding windows, we can also supply intelligent problem solutions for opening gates, sliding shutters and interior doors.

Electric full-energy operators for sliding doors

Sliding doors with so-called full-energy drives are primarily designed for building entrances with high public traffic. They open the door conveniently and hygienically for customers of shopping markets, pharmacies, DIY stores, butchers and bakeries, to name just a few examples from the food, retail and specialist trade sectors. Automatic doors also open and close reliably and safely in public facilities such as authorities, museums and hotels where barrier-free access is required.

Electric motors have become popular for automatic sliding doors. They open and close the door panel normally with the help of a toothed belt. If required, the sliding door is secured by an additional electric lock. The use of the latest microprocessor and DC drive technology permits individual access control solutions. Thanks to innovative security sensors such as light curtains with IR technology and motion detectors, e.g. with radar technology, the highest level of comfort and security is guaranteed for the users of an automatic sliding door.

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Individuality with every transit

Individual solutions for entrances – that is innovative door technology from Baier. The 1 or 2-leaf sliding doors are particularly suitable where a revolving door wastes no space. A significant advantage of the electric sliding door, apart from the space, is that it is barrier-free.

There is a wide choice of all imaginable colours, shapes, and sizes when designing the door panels. In commercial use, surrounding frames made of aluminium and interior glass panes have become established. Practical for two reasons: All the necessary fittings and drive components can be securely attached to the metal frame, and at the same time, the glass is protected from damage. Sliding glass doors create insights and maximise the amount of light that enters the room – daylight is used to the fullest.

For separating work and neighbouring rooms such as kitchens, restaurants or storage and sales areas, non-transparent and closed panels such as powder-coated aluminium sheets, wood, Trespa panels, or mirror glass are suitable. Sliding doors made of satinised glass are both simple and elegant. Although they allow a lot of light to pass through and still offer privacy.

Security starts at the door

Baier has developed a burglar-resistant product to secure your automatic sliding door. Additional protection pays off, whether for a new building or as an upgrade to an existing automatic door.

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The world of doors is infinite. Baier develops and manufactures with creativity, precision and experience. Adapted to the requirements of the architecture, we plan and construct according to your desires and on measure. You still haven’t found what you were looking for on this page? Let yourself be inspired by our manual door solutions for the exterior and interior.

An electric drive isn’t always necessary or desired. In that case, our manual sliding doors for indoor use are the right choice – practical, space-saving and stylish.

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Are you looking for a tightly closing and manually operated exterior sliding door? Our high-tech sliding façade doors close off residential and business areas from the outdoors and meet the highest requirements for stability and security.

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